Friday, January 15, 2010

A blessing in disguise

I complain a lot I know, but in all honesty I would not change a single second of the last 3 months. In fact, if given the choice I would not go back to Hollywood Blvd, Sunset has been so much better to me.

Obviously a lot has changed. In my last post I was still crying and pouting about being a transfer victim. Fast forward a few weeks and months and it became the best thing that could have happened to me. I found the friends I should have had the entire time, I found a boy, and I definitely found happiness at Disney once again.

So it's January, what am I doing you ask? I have extended my college program and will now be staying until May 2010. Even though I wanted a different job, I am still working merchandise in Hollywoodland and in fact my nomad status ended with my last post. Even though I do love working in other areas, I have not been scheduled anywhere outside my area since that week in October. I love my area, but you know me. 3 months in one place is making me a little restless. The good thing is soon we are getting a complete new batch of college program kids which means new friends and probably a whole new/different Sunset. I guess I will just have to wait and see. . .

Since my last post I have been having more fun than I ever thought possible. I found an amazing group of friends and we're so close we're a wolfpack. Every one of them is amazing in their own ways and I could go on forever about how each of them has made my life wonderful since October, but that would be a long post. So to sum it up, I'm sorry I didn't post. This little nomad was having too much fun!

I'm actually going to try to post regularly. Fun things really do happen that are worth blogging about!

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