Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer shopping list

My closet is in desperate need of a makeover this summer. These are some of the pieces that are at the top of my list!
Of course the fedora! This one is from American Eagle and is $15.50 I believe. I like this one because it's neutral but has a pop of color on the band!


I've always been a necklace person, but find bracelets kind of annoying. This summer I'm going to try hard to be a bracelet person. I would probably do better with some wrap bracelets, but I love these colorful bangles from Forever 21.

Crop Tops
Crop tops seem to be the style of the summer. I prefer ones like this that only show a little bit of skin and of course with tribal prints! This one is by Adaptation and you can get it at PacSun.

Boho Linen Dress
I of course jumped on this band wagon way too late, but I love the dress on the left of this ad. It's just a cream color with some natural colored stripes and a few stripes of metallic as well. The dress seems to be sold out pretty much everywhere, which is why I couldn't find a picture of just the dress, but it's a cute ad anyway! So something like that with a wide braided belt would be cute!

White Shorts
I may be the only person who doesn't have a pair of white shorts yet, but I just love how they look with a tan and even denim ones can dress up a summer outfit. These are also from American Eagle. I buy more clothes from AE during the summer than any other time of year. I'm ok with that.

One last bit of fun because I love my job and Mickey crispy treats! Yay Disney! Happy summer everyone! What are the must haves on your shopping lists this summer?

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