Saturday, June 25, 2011

Best Blog on the Block

I can't quite think of anything better to cheer up a strange day at work, than this little gem of an award I received from Miss MaryElizabeth at Little Ramblings! Thank you a million times girly, you are amazing! I started this blog with zero expectations, I really just wanted a place to write down all the memories I didn't want to forget. I never expected to have followers or commenters, but it has turned into so much more than I ever hoped already! I absolutely love logging in every day to read all of your lovely blogs and it makes me so happy that I'm beginning to recognize certain followers and commenters. I'm really proud of our little blogging community we have going on here. It's so much fun to be able to voice my opinions on topics I love, and I have to stop myself from posting too much because I'm just so into it! I'm so honored to be awarded this, thank you again! And check out Little Ramblings if you haven't, she's amazing!

1. Link back to the person/people who awarded you (above)
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

1. I'm a vegetarian and have been since the beginning of High School, which would make that going on 10 years now. Wow, I can't believe it's been that long!
2. I want to move to LA more than anything in the world! And not for some reason like "I just wanna be a star!" No, I have always wanted to live there and I think there would be a million great job opportunities for me and from growing up in a big city nothing quite equals Chicago and I think LA could. I think I kind of owe it to myself to try.
3. I love Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans however you call them. I eat them by themselves.
4. I add the word nasty onto the end of words and that's my way of showing affection toward them. I can't take credit for this, my sister Alana taught me this and we have lengthy conversations that I'm sure sound very strange if you were listening in. Macbook = Mac-nasty. Disney = Dis-nasty. Those 2 are the most common.
5. I'm applying for Teach For America this fall. Teaching is kind of a new passion for me. I have absolutely no training in teaching, but working at Disney has given me a kind of new appreciation and passion for children.
6. My dream would be to start my own clothing company. More like T-shirt company. I would love to be in competition with a company like Wildfox.
7. I hate cell phones. Not that I'm not grateful they were invented, but when you're at dinner and everyone at the table can't put down their phones there's an issue. You'd rather type to a person through cyberspace than have a real conversation with the people you're actually sitting with? Why didn't you go to dinner with cyber-buddy then?

3. Award other bloggers.

These ladies are gorgeous inside and out, and they are always the first blogs I look for in my reading list! They have great ideas and are fun and interesting to read about! Last but not least, they are of course super stylish and creative!

4. Answer the following:

Favorite Color: Yellow but some days Purple. Even better if both are together!
Favorite Song: My most favorite song will always be If I Were To Write The Song // Cartel but my favorite song of the moment is Last Friday Night // Katy Perry or anything that even utters the name Ke$ha!
Favorite Dessert: Mint chocolate ice cream. . .it has a weak spot in my heart.
Making You Pissy: People who text on their phone when I'm trying to talk to them.
When you're upset, you: read a book to escape to someplace else for a little while.
Favorite Pet: I only have one, a ridiculous beagle named Sonni. I try to pretend she annoys me, but really I enjoy her.

Sonni loves the Mac-nasty!

Black or White: White without a question!
Biggest Fear: Not finding my place in this world.
Best Feature: My eyes
Everyday Attitude: "Live in Love" We don't have enough time to live in anger at each other. A little love brightens someone's day and causes a chain reaction. A little love goes a long way.
What is Perfection: Perfection to me is having all the elements of your life falling into place. We all know what's it's like when life throws us a bad time, but when it's good it's really good and I wouldn't trade those feelings for anything!
Guilty Pleasure: Buying things I don't need on Amazon. I have to admit I'm a bit obsessed with Amazon.

Thank you so much again to MaryElizabeth and please go check out these girls blogs! They deserve every bit of recognition!


  1. You are so welcome! You deserve it! :)

  2. Congratulations on your award! Your Beagle is SO cute! Thank you for following my blog, I am definitely following back :) Cannot wait to see more!


  3. congratulations~! *confetti* what a cute lil doggie :D :D