Sunday, June 12, 2011

Attacked!!! (2011 Bikini Style)

Do you girls ever get super obsessed with a piece of clothing? Maybe I'm just strange, but this happens to me from time to time! Since it's summer, right now my obsession is a particular bikini. . .this Billabong Shark Attack bikini to be exact!
It comes in three colors and where I'm from here in Florida it seems that every store only has one color, not all three which is kind of annoying.
I don't think this suit should be as funny as it is to me and maybe it's just because I live where a shark attack is an actual threat, but some people may be offended by how funny I think it is and I'm not sorry! It's just so ironic and different and interesting to me! Those are the top three traits I look for when picking out a swimsuit. It doesn't matter if I get it from Target, PacSun, or some high end shop. . .I just don't want to have the same bathing suit as every other girl at the beach.
This light pink version is the only one I've seen in person, my favorite and the one I think will be mine very soon which I've seen at PacSun. I know they have this color and I think the blue maybe at Ron Jon if you live in the area, and at least one of them at a shop at Downtown Disney my sister told me, again if you live in the area. But it's by Billabong so I'm sure it's readily available online if you so happen to fall in love with it as much as I have!
One shoulder everything is making a huge comeback this season! One shoulder bikinis are cute and unexpected and add a new, interesting detail to a bandeau top! This one is by Becca Swimwear, and my sister's current swimsuit obsession. So thank you Alana for the photo which I am sure she got somewhere in cyberspace. There is also a much more affordable version at Old Navy which I actually like better! The only downside is it only comes in black and I am just not a black bikini kind of gal!
This last bikini is kind of hard to see but it comes from a company called Caffe Swimwear and fits into (sort of) the tribal trend. I saw this suit on the cover of Cosmo in Spanish this month and fell in love with the details. The straps look like they are braided/wrapped with colorful thread and the ties on the bottoms have tassels at the ends. If I was going to splurge on swimwear this year it would be on a suit like this, simple but with pretty and unique details.

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