Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If escape were possible

I've been really into travel blogs lately and being the self-proclaimed nomad that I am, I'm having some travel withdrawal right now! Well that and I just spent way too much money at the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale (maybe a haul tomorrow?) that I can't even think about clothes or beauty right now.

So because I have Peter Pan syndrome (don't want to grow up!) I'm missing having summers off, being able to swim in the pool all day, reading books in the backyard, and playing outside until I have so many mosquito bites I can't stand it anymore! So these are all of the places I would love to escape to right now in no particular order!

1. Morocco
The architecture and decor of Morocco is some of the most beautiful to me. I love how the buildings completely blend into their surroundings and look almost deserted, but once inside the walls there is a maze of tiny streets with restaurants and shops and a million treasures to find. 

2. Phuket, Thailand
I've been to Thailand, but never the Southern islands. The beaches of Phuket are absolutely picture perfect to me, I couldn't imagine a better beach destination anywhere!

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brazil has been high on my list of places to go for a while now, but I haven't had the time or the need to go. Last year I made some amazing Brazilian friends at work though, so I feel like a trip will be completely necessary very soon!

4. Holi Festival, India
Both of these photos are from the Holi festival, which is the Festival of Color. This happens every year at the end of winter, so March-ish and basically consists of 2 weeks of throwing colored powder at other people. Seriously now, what could possibly be more fun than this? This also works very well with my Ke$ha obsession!

5. South Africa
This photo is of Cape Town, but really I would love to go anywhere in South Africa. An African safari is also something I would love to do! Africa seems soo far away to me and kind of the most exotic place I can think of even though I think I really have been farther away.

6. Santorini, Greece
I say certain places are on the top of my travel list, but Santorini is without a doubt the #1 and has been for quite some time. Everything seems so old and warn but the people who live there seem so nice and welcoming and really seem to understand the beauty of their home. Not to mention Greek food is my absolute favorite! Yum, a trip there would be amazing!

Regularly scheduled programming will resume tomorrow! I hope my little detour helped you ladies feel that you were relaxing somewhere beautiful, if only just for a moment!


  1. Oh I love the list but since I am a Greek girl myself, I'd say that Santorini is great! you should visit it any time soon! The sunsets there are amazing, the seas are blue and there are a few relaxing spots! I am following your blog now (since you are a fun of Greece), I would love to answer any of your questions and maybe u could follow me back? xx