Sunday, June 5, 2011

A place to call my own

I am in a perpetual state of making over my room. I guess at this time in my life I'm pretty lucky because I've been moving around a lot and actually have a little bit of freedom to re-do my room every year or so when I move. It takes me forever to find the perfect pieces though, so I kind of just end up acquiring them little by little. 

A few years ago I was absolutely obsessed with one of those mock up rooms that PB Teen puts on their website. Well, not the room so much as one specific piece. The room was very natural, decorated with flowers and birds I think, but on the ceiling where a fan or light might have been was this amazing tree branch ceiling fixture which didn't look like it was a light or anything, it was just there. I can't find the actual picture for the life of me, but fixtures like that are more common now, so it was something like this:

After finding out they didn't actually sell that fixture at PB Teen I was going to make one, but never seemed to get around to it. The one above is homemade, the only adjustments I might make would be to spray paint it white and attach some little flowers or birds maybe. In my search for the original picture I did find this bed, which is amazing if you have $10,000 to spend on a bed. This one comes from Etsy and is called the Under The Apple Tree canopy bed. So fairytale like!
My obsession right now is finding a new duvet cover, which I finally have! I am really into Indian and tribal like prints for bedding and I stumbled upon this company (or woman actually), Amy Butler for Welspun. She does organic bedding which I am completely into in lots of really bright and crazy prints.

This is my favorite pattern called Sari Bloom. This design is still on her website and I've seen it at Bed, Bath and Beyond also. You can see or purchase her designs here:
This is the pattern I purchased from Marshalls, called Dancing Paisley, at literally like 80% off which is amazing! And I'm really excited to have a blue/green theme since my duvet cover has been pink/orange for way too long!

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