Saturday, March 5, 2011

Between Bolly and Hollywood

Between Bolly and Hollywood

What better way to start off my re-vamped blog than with a post near and dear to my heart, fashion. Being a Florida girl (for now!) I live in flowy dresses and sandals whether I want to or not pretty much year round. It can be hard to create your own style when everywhere you turn there are girls wearing a similar variation of your outfit. I like to keep things simple by choosing a theme and adding a few eye catching accents and mixing easily attainable pieces with my own vintage or thrifted harder to find items. Right now I'm really inspired by Eastern prints and I love the mix of bright colors with more earthy, neutral tones.

This American Eagle dress is at the top of my want list right now. I love the almost tribal floral print and the pink accents in the ruffle at the neckline.

I love bright and neon colors for spring and summer. Right now I am loving that sort of hybrid neon between pink and orange that isn't quite coral and isn't quite salmon. To tie in the pink in the dress I love that hybrid neon nail polish and some pretty pink Indian bangles from Amazon.

Sam Edelman makes quite possibly my favorite shoes on the planet. These simple sandals bring in another pop of pink but are still simple and effortless.

When I visited Thailand I found this amazing elephant charm that I quickly made into a long necklace as soon as I got home. Mine looks quite similar to this little guy from and I love how it brings a little rustic element back to the outfit and also adds a little more of that Indian flair.

To add a little more of the earthy element I would finish this outfit with a wide braided belt around the waist and a chunky sweater for when the sun goes down.

For prices and where to get any of the items featured just click on the picture!

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  1. the little elephant necklace is so cute!