Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summer Superlatives

I know I've been gone for another obscene amount of time. I'm sorry. My sister went back to school which cut off my supply of viable Internet source, but enough excuses! I'm back now so that's really all that matters!

My birthday was on September 22nd so I finally got my beloved iPad, which I am loving so far and explains my sudden appearance back in this wonderful community. So I hope you will all accept my apology! I've missed my lovely little blog and all of you!

Summer is now officially over and despite what the weather might be here (my car said 92 this morning!) I know it is getting colder in most parts of the country. So I thought today I would do Summer Superlatives, my favorite and must have items from the past few months. Feel free to do your own version of this if you'd like, I think it's a fun and different alternative to monthly favorites!

I will add more on and photos a little later. I'm still trying to get a hang of everything on my iPad!

Must have beach/pool reads: Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block I want to wear feather headdresses and name my daughter Cherokee and believe there is magic everywhere like Weetzie and her friends. You'll love this book if you like sort of out there realities. It's really bohemian, set in LA, and one of those stories that I would love my life to be like!

Favorite Stores and brands: I've said before that I frequent different places based on the seasons. This was the summer of PacSun and American Eagle for sure. Crop tops and excessively large tanks were my uniform for the summer. As for brands, I fell in love with Wildfox this summer and I don't see that changing anytime soon!

Must have skincare product: I have never been one for having tons of skincare items, but this summer my sister introduced me to astringent and I've been using it like it's going out of style! And the best part is it has kept my oily skin clear all summer!

Ridiculous obsession: TV on DVD. Enough said. My sister and I watched without a doubt more tv shows on DVD this summer than is necessary for anyone in 3 years. I think it's safe to say that I can tell you exactly what episode of Season 1 of The Vampire Dairies is on within the first thirty seconds of the show. Some would call it a sickness, I would say it's more of a Stefan and Damon obsession.

The other obsession was without a doubt Harry Potter. I don't think I even need to explain that one. Thankfully I think I'm beginning to recover.

Necessary makeup: I am pleased to say I had a summer of drugstore makeup. Partly because I didn't want to waste the expensive stuff since it was just going to sweat off anyway, and partly because I actually enjoyed the products, but I haven't used a majority of drugstore products in a while and it felt really good.


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  2. I loved reading the post! Mine were similar:
    Book: LA Candy by lauren Conrad (reality and LA)
    Ridiculous obsession: True Blood (as I've seen the Vampire Diaries before)