Thursday, July 14, 2011

Easy, Breezy, Potter, Weasley

Easy, Breezy Summery Knits

Maybe it's my love for everything bohemian or my wish to have been in my teens or twenties during the 60s, but I am obsessed with crocheted vests this summer! I love all of these designs, but I sadly haven't found the perfect one in real life yet. Summer isn't even half over for me yet, so I'm desperately hoping that by my birthday (September) there will be a haul containing one of these awesome outfit sprucer-uppers!

I am impressed by how many stores do have these vests, even if I can't find one I like. At least there are choices out there! How cute would one of these be with a fedora and cut off shorts or a maxi dress! I love how versatile it can be! Bonus points for fringe!

My sister and I are going to see midnight Harry Potter tonight. Neither one of us can believe it's over, I honestly can't really remember a time when Harry Potter wasn't a big part of my life. It's very strange how entertainment media becomes so very real these days. This is so completely nerdy but I would say that 75% of our conversations within the last few days have been Harry Potter related. . .remembering which character did what, when people got killed and who's controlling who. There has also of course been a lot of spell casting going on and mediocre British, Irish and Scottish accents along with trip planning to Universal within the next few weeks to go to Harry Potter World. We've watched movies 4-7.1 in the last 2 days and I guess you could say we're a bit obsessed, but my mom gave me the first book when I was probably in 5th grade, which would have made me 11. That's 13 years of my life. . .more than half! That's a huge amount of time to invest in a series! Probably strange midnight photos to come. . .

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  1. I know, it's crazy that it's over now! It's been magical growing up alongside such an amazing story. I remember when I read the first book:)