Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Review

Just a little bit of a weekend update. . .

I found these amazing works of art just browsing on Hautelook by a woman named Lisa Weedn. The event is called Hippie Chic and that's pretty much all you need to say to draw me in! They're wood panel signs with all kind of inspirational quotes and sayings on them. Some of way more boho/hippie than others, but I just find them all to be really beautiful and they're affordable too, the smallest size is just $18. You can check them out on Hautelook here if you're interested!

Harry Potter was absolutely amazing. I highly suggest seeing it if you follow the series. It was definitely a lot of war so I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but I couldn't believe how fast the movie went by. Everyone around me was crying for pretty much the entire movie and I cry at the drop of a hat so there were a few parts when I was like why am I not sad right now? I didn't cry through the whole movie but as soon as the end of the epilogue started to pan out I burst into tears because it was all over. I have to say though it's really inspiring how well all of the actors have grown up. They've been in the spotlight for so many years and seasoned actors have crumbled under less pressure.

Weird topic switching I know. . .Florida has become a dark and dreary place to call home. It's that time of year when it rains every single day for at least part of the day, sometimes all of it. Having come to Florida from Arizona I am not accustomed to rain and in fact really despise it. Here's to hoping that this rainy season comes to a quick end. We've gotten new costumes (uniforms) at work and trying to get used to them plus being soaked for at least half the day and spending most of that time in 60 degree air conditioning does nothing for mood improvement.

Last but not least, has anyone ever had to experience what life is like without a computer? It's becoming more and more apparent to me how disgustingly addicted to it that I and everyone around me is. At this point I'm kind of just stalling buying my new one so it's my own fault I don't have one, but seriously I need to remember to stop and take a walk in the fresh air once in a while when I get my new one. The growing downside to your computer exploding is realizing everything you've lost. Pretty much daily I think of something that I won't easily be able to get back. This weekend's loss: all of my resumes. I'm beginning to apply for some new jobs and I have to re-write as many as I'm going to need for the different jobs I'm applying for. This is actually a pretty good thing though because I wrote most of mine when I was younger and re-formatting was never the most interesting thing to me over the years so with all the additions they were becoming sort of messy, but it's kind of annoying still to lose them. So I'll be spending my days off this week surrounded by piles of resume books that I carted home from the library today. Great fun!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and I hope it's sunny where you are!

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