Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A summer wind that no one yet has known

Having lived in Arizona for almost four years of my life, I can’t say that Florida has been much different. Sure there is humidity and the almost constant downpour of random rain just minutes after the hot, sweltering sun beats down on you, but apart from those two weird weather phenomena I can’t say it feels like much has changed. I’m used to the heat and I really love it, but the past few weeks I have found myself longing for a Midwest autumn, something I haven’t experienced since I was a senior in high school. That was only four years ago, but I can say the thing I miss the absolute most about my lovely Chicago suburb is watching the leaves change and the gradual nip that bites your face as the autumn winds begin to blow.

I miss the summer blowout I used to make myself have every year on my birthday. I have always thought I had a cool birthday, some years it was summer, and other years it was already fall. September 22 was always a magical day for me. I am a summer girl through and through. I love the sun and the pool/ocean (whatever happens to be around at the time). I love tank tops and flip flops and when I was in high school I would refuse to wear anything with sleeves until after my birthday, trying to hold onto summer as long as I possibly could. And even though September 22 is still a magical day (maybe a little less magical now that I have passed the 21 mark and am now sadly just getting older), it doesn’t have the same appeal as it used to. Last year it was almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit on my birthday, and this year I’m sure it will be the same. I will wear a tank top on Septemeber 23 and probably still be too hot. I miss the fall. It’s the little things I hold onto from home that I love, and this little nomad will always be a Midwestern, big city girl as long as I live.

Now that September 22 is rapidly approaching, I am beginning to miss the most magical of all the season changes to me. I really have no desire to go home (I do miss my family, but they are all coming to visit within the next 2 months!) but I do miss seeing all 4 seasons, except for the nearly 6 months of winter which is the only time I’m ever home anymore!
On the bright side, I’m about to experience a lot of things I never have before! This will be my first hurricane season (Yay?) and what I’m most excited for, the holidays at Disney. Halloween decorations will begin to go up soon and as my favorite holiday I am already planning out costumes and trips to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. The loss of Disney magic from being a cast member is definitely starting to return and the thought of Halloween makes Orlando feel a little bit more like home.

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