Wednesday, August 26, 2009

She's so lucky, she's a star.

Sometimes I look out my window and think, ‘oh, that looks nice. That doesn’t look like the place I live. It looks peaceful and calm.’ And then I rush out 15 minutes later and remember that this is exactly where I live and this is exactly how it feels to live here…stressful.

People always want what they can’t have. Each time someone would visit me at school in Arizona they would comment on how fabulous it would be to live there. Perfect weather, perfect temperature, perfect, perfect, perfect. But you know what? After just one summer of constant 115 degree heat and having to go to school and work everyday, it starts to become less perfect and more like just home or just the place where I live. The summers are too hot, but by October when the tourists are still wearing shorts and tanks, I’m freezing. It begins to lose its magic. Those same thoughts my friends had that I also used to share are gone. And all of a sudden it’s just a place.

This rule does not seem to apply at Disney World. I’ve lived here only 3 months and a few days so maybe I’m not the best source right now, but everything is still magical. Sure the long weeks are tiring and work just seems like work five to seven or sometimes even more days a week, but the second I step into a park as a guest it’s like Tinkerbell has just flown by and blurred my vision with pixie dust. I forget about backstage, stock rooms, managers, co-workers, and the weird living situation I call home and remember that I live in Disney World. I get free entry to Disney parks around the world that some families save up for years to come to. Everything I take for granted and everything I tell myself I hate those five or more days a week I have to clock in and out does not compare to that perfect moment when you’re walking down main street with Cinderella’s castle in front of you. I’m a pretty lucky little nomad, sometimes it just takes a little bit for me to remember that.

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