Saturday, November 13, 2010

Consume my wine, consume my mind

Maybe it's just me, but I get pretty obsessed with certain things to the point where it's probably unhealthy, but you know it's whatever. This current obsession of mine is one of those where I love it because it's where I would love to see my life go. I literally envision myself on a stage singing and acting every night and just absolutely loving my life. Enter long running obsession: Spring Awakening. I cannot get enough of it.
I've always really enjoyed plays and musicals, but for some reason this one is different. Maybe because it's all people my age that I can really relate to, like hey look where my life could be at 24! Maybe it's the music and unexpected-ness of the show, or the incredibly hot boys! Whatever the reason I can't get enough!

I have always been in choirs and plays/musicals at school, but it's one of those things where that dream is so far fetched it's hard to even imagine. Not to mention I have that awful syndrome of being scared to sing in front of people. Believe me I can do it alone in my room and with strength in numbers (choir), why not when it matters alone in a spotlight? The never ending always circling question. Anyone know how to break that unnecessary fright? I would love to know!

The reason this obsession has come back so strong is because I'm currently in rehearsals for the cast choir for the Candlelight Processional at Epcot. If you've never heard of the show it's basically a nightly performance Epcot puts on from Thanksgiving to Christmas telling the Christmas story through words and song. Celebrities are invited in as narrators along with guest choirs from around the country. So I've obviously been singing a lot more lately and I've found myself once again heavily listening to the broadway section of my itunes, which always brings me around to Spring Awakwening. I begin to live in my fantasy world where I'm all la-di-dah nomading my way from city to city on a national tour of some great musical. God, I wish.

I just want to sing! I wish it wasn't so scary!

Spring Awakening is on it's second national tour right now, so if it's coming to your city I highly recommend you go see it if you enjoy theatre. It will not disappoint!

Also, if you're heading to Walt Disney World this holiday season check out the Candlelight Processional at Epcot! It's really powerful and don't forget to wave to me!

PS. I'm not being paid to promote either of these! I just love them!

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