Thursday, November 18, 2010

We R Who We R

Let me start out by saying I try to live my life according to Ke$ha as often as possible. And I say that in the most serious tone you could imagine. She's my Gaga and I love her in the sense that I genuinely wish this girl was my best friend. I don't really know where my love for Ke$ha began or where it got so out of control, but I often wonder What would Ke$ha do? when purchasing clothes, makeup, jewelry. . .any wearable girly thing. If there were a WWK$D bracelet you better believe I would be wearing that thing with pride!

That being said, I had great intentions to be Ke$ha for halloween circa the Take It Off video complete with powder paint all over my face and hair. Only trouble was, it seems the only place to really get powder paint is from India where they have Holi, an annual festival of color. Sounds a little bit complicated, not to mention expensive and perhaps a little suspicious. But you can make it! With strange sorts of natural dyes from plants we don't have readily available in the United States. Ok, second option also expensive, far fetched, and time consuming. The third option seems toxic (there is some sort of powder painting method for fishing lures or something fishing related. . .doesn't seem like something I want on my face). So I tried makeup, which I will post a picture of below. The colors weren't really vibrant enough and the blue looks like incredibly bad bruises. So that idea was pretty much nixed, until yesterday!

What I'm after

What I currently have. Sorry I look so mean, I really just wanted to see what the color pay off was going to be in photos. Looks like a shiny bruised mess. Even the yellow which I thought was the best, you can barely see.

I now have until April 22, 2011 to figure out my powder paint sitaution because I just found out Ke$ha will be stopping by my lovely Disney infested town on her Get Sleazy Tour next year! I cannot wait! An entire House Of Blues of fellow Ke$ha lovers with crazy fashion sense and questionable morals. Love it.

Anyone have any insight on the powder paint situation? I've seen videos of some universities that have had these powder paint fights but I cannot seem to find any that don't come from India. And I don't particularly want to spend $19.50 each for MAC pigments, although I guess if I only really need yellow and pink it wouldn't be so bad. But where I would use the yellow again I have no idea, and I kind of wanted a few more colors than just those two.

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  1. Oh ke$ha, such an interesting role model :P unfortunately i have no idea where you could get that powder stuff and anyways im in australia so it prob wouldnt help if i did. Good luck with it tho, let us know how it goes!
    :) xx