Friday, November 12, 2010

Where oh where has this little nomad been?

Nowhere really is the upsetting answer. I'm not really sure why my blogging suddenly stopped (and I'm sad it did), but I do have a few guesses...

1. Around middle february I found my boyfriend whom I am so happy with and was too pre-occupied with to write anything I guess.
2. At that time I started making really good new friends. The kind of friends that I really do want and try to keep in touch with now. (Don't judge my nomadic views on friends!)
3. Work got even more crazy and it continues to every single day.

That's the best I've got. . .sorry.

So where am I now at this exact moment in time? About 200 metres from where I posted my last blog. I'm still in Florida, still doing the same job, still trying to work my way up (or anywhere for that matter). The only difference is I don't live in CP land anymore. Something much worse in fact, the I work hourly for Disney for a living world. I do still love it with most of my heart, but it's definitely becoming a little tedious to go to work.

It blows my mind that I'm still here actually. I have not consistently stayed in one place this long in my adult life except at school for obvious reasons. You better believe I am coming up with the craziest ideas in my head of where I'm going next. A sneak peak into my brain:
-transfering to Disneyland (I've always wanted to move to California)
-applying for Teach For America (this is definitely happening, whether it will be this year or next is the question)
-finding some crazy (in the nicest, most sincere way) job in a foreign country.
-going to grad school in Sydney (this won't be off the list until it actually happens)

Votes/bets which will happen first??

Whichever way it boils down, I can't stay here much longer in my current situation. Really at this point I stay because it's a job and those are hard to come by these days. I would stay and work for Disney forever if I had a real job. I'm not using any of my skills at this point and I didn't go to school for nothing. So don't get me wrong, I really love Disney and working here, this nomad just needs to find her place in a company so big it's impossible not to get lost. But really I can't complain, a company that gives every single cast member (really think about how many people that is!) a copy of Toy Story 3 blu-ray combo pack just for all the hard work we do is definitely somewhere I want to be! And let me tell you, I'm lovin me some Toy Story 3!

I have a lot more to tell, but here are some new guidelines I'm going to live by: my blogs are going to be shorter now, I will be able to post more that way. I won't rant as much I promise! And I'm getting really into lots of new hobbies and I want to express those in this blog too! So there's going to be a little more variety!

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