Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My new favorite shirt!

I went to the mall last week with my sister which was an enormously exciting prospect because I moved recently and all of the malls around here are centered in one area which is now FAR from where I live. We were totally excited to buy heaps of semi-useless things, but our spirits quickly fell when we were nearly done and had bought almost nothing. Thank the Mall Gods for H&M! We went in looking for some certain things, quickly couldn't find them and got lost in their summer sale!

Enter my new favorite shirt! These babies were originally $12.95 on sale for $5. . .love! First, they are organic cotton which is awesome, and even cooler, they are a collab with Knot Violence, an educational initiative to teach young people to solve problems peacefully. The company is art based which explains all of the awesome designs at H&M, and 10% of the proceeds from the shirts are donated to the Non-Violence Project Foundation. Click here to check out the Knot Violence website and also some of the other t-shirt designs H&M has!

The top one is my sister's, and I love it because I think the guns in the middle look like a mustache. Sis glares at me when I tell her this, but I think it's really cute. Mine is the bottom one and just says Knot Violence all in a flowery pattern, which makes my hippie soul ecstatic! These shirts send out such an amazing message and I kind of feel like a badass with a gun on my shirt!

*I am not affiliated in any way with H&M or Knot Violence, I just love these shirts and what they stand for!


  1. I LOVE the first one! Its amazing!

  2. Loving these shirts! :)

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