Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Loving: Jewelmint!

I've been hearing about Jewelmint non-stop for the last few months. At first I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical because it seemed like every Youtube beauty guru was being sent free pieces, and I wasn't sure if they really loved the stuff or if they were just saying so because they received the items for free. So finally I gave in and checked it out. I have to say it's pretty much as awesome as everyone says!

When you sign up you take a style quiz that is supposed to tailor your results to you. I've heard some people say it was totally wrong about them, but mine was right on! My top 3 choices were the first three in my list! And they have a really great assortment of jewelry: super boho pieces, really girly and feminine, chunky and delicate. Basically they have something for everyone and the selection changes every single month! Click here to take the style quiz and sign up for free!

All of the pieces are $29.99, but they always have discount codes and especially good ones for first time buyers! In fact, just for the next 24 hours there's a flash sale and if you use the discount code FLASH7 it will take $22.50 off your first piece, which means you pay $7.49 for a piece of jewelry that is regularly $29.99! Awesome!

I just put my first order in yesterday! I had been looking at the pieces for a few weeks and finally decided to do it because I found a Groupon for $25 for 2 pieces of jewelry which is even better than most of the coupon codes out there! That Groupon is over now, but they have them a lot. . .I'll post the link if I find one again soon! I will do a haul as soon as I get my jewels, so I'm not going to show you the pieces I picked out just yet, but you can guess!

Oh and did I mention that Kate Bosworth started the company with her stylist Cher Coulter? If I made videos this would be way easier. There is way more info to be had! Check out the website if you're interested!

*I'm not receiving anything from Jewelmint, just another company I'm absolutely loving!

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