Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nothing but blue skies!

Ahhh the frustration! I have had major computer issues for the last month, and am sad to say my little computer that could has finally ceased to exist! She was good to me, but such a pain! On to better things! I'm getting an iPad in the next few weeks, but until then I'm on my sister's computer (who's here to stay with me for the summer! Yay!) when she permits me to use it. So if all you lovely ladies will bear with me for just a few more weeks I promise I will have some exciting posts for you! 

I'm so sorry for the lack of communication on here, I attempted to even just write a quick post to let you know what's going on from my phone, but it was having absolutely none of that! And honestly the thing I was most upset about my computer dying was not being able to write in my blog! I'm really getting into it!

So, I have none of my photos and am not going to take up space on my sister's computer. . .so it's going to be pretty generic. Sorry guys and thank you again for sticking with me through all of this nonsense!

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