Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trendy Toppers

I've never been too into hats, but I'm loving the recent fedora trend! I think they are super cute and effortless and can make an outfit that's a little all over the place look put together. They look bohemian and effortless with bathing suits and cover ups, and can dress up shorts and a tank, that is one versatile accessory! I think I'll definitely be using one for the beach this summer to keep the sun and hair off my face. The best part is, with the exception of a few in this set,you can get one for less than $15!

I'm also loving all of the cute colors and band details that this summer's styles are sporting, way more attractive than the straw fedoras of a few years ago! I think the pink one with the feather is my favorite in the set, but I can't help but love the two tribal ones next to the pink one! Fedoras with floral bands are the ultimate effortless beach choice, and the sequin one would be so cute for dinner or a night out!

Mmm. . .can you tell I like grey? Almost half of those hats are!


  1. I don't wear hats very often but after reading your post I think I need to get more into hats!!
    Much love!

  2. haha! We'll venture into hats together!

  3. Good post!
    Can't get much out of it because I'm a guy but..
    +Followed :)